Weekly Random Round-Up 9.19.12

This week’s Round-Up is a bit of a mixed bag, we’ve got killer warrior women, ghostly murder mysteries, Nazi hunting lobster men, and sparkly vampires.

Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #2 (Dynamite) – Sonja is doing her thing, slaying and slaughtering in this spin-off mini series with pretty much everything you would expect from the red headed warrior. Unfortunately there’s not much else here to peak your interest unless you’re a fan of the character and regular series. The story is pretty straight forward, Atlantians are coming back, Sonja defends a fortress, etc, etc, oh, and there’s some Thulsa Doom to throw in some mischief. The art is serviceable, and displays the gory action pretty in a pretty easy-to-follow paneling. Pick it up if you’re a Conan/Sonja fan, or just looking for a quick action fix, but if you’re looking for something more engaging, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Mind the Gap #5 (Image) – The plot doesn’t get deeper per se in this issue, but a lot does come to light, with clarifications that will, in all likelihood, lead to a faster pace of events in the next couple of issues. The details of Dane’s ‘involvement’ are laid out, along with some good back story on him that really does a lot to set the scenario, rather than act as simple flashback filler. In fact, the fifth instalment is a Dane issue, with his girlfriend and her ethereal state only getting attention in the last few pages. If you haven’t been picking up this mystery series, you could probably make a safe bet by checking out the first handful of books.

Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortem (Dark Horse) – What adventuring man of action likes knocking around Nazis more than Indiana Jones? Lobster Johnson sure as hell does, which is exactly what he’s doing in this quick one-off. A group of Germans disenfranchised with their country’s crippling war debt decides to take action against the American Schwein by launching an attack from a zeppelin. Damn Germans and their zeppelins…

The story is pretty much just a short action romp for one of everyone’s favorite Hellboy universe characters, and it does a pretty good job at it. It doesn’t add too much to the Lobster Johnson world as a whole, but it’s a fun read and worth picking up as a one shot.

Ghost #0 (Dark Horse) – Straight from the pages of Dark Horse Presents, Ghost features a hasbeen news reporter and his paranormal television partner who stumble upon a curvaceous ghost using a mysterious device. It doesn’t take them long to find themselves in trouble, at the same time discovering the ghost is a bit more dangerous than first impression. This issue doesn’t do much other than set up the premise, but that’s what a zero issue is for, anyway. It’s too early to tell if the series promises much, but it may well be worth picking up this intro to see if it fetches your fancy.

True Blood #5 (IDW) – The execution of a vampire leads to a near full issue length flashback to the 16th century involving Russel Edgington. There’s not much that actually happens in this issue other than some seemingly superfluous back history, but if you’re already picking up the series then obviously it will be on your list. Speaking of superfluous backstory, it seems that’s the only real selling point to the comic book adaptation to the vampire series, but then again that’s coming from an admitted non-fan of the series, and I’m sure actual followers will find it worth it.

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