What’s New in Treyarch’s Zombies?


Written by Lance Alexander 

‘Our zombies fans want more zombies. They literally want more zombies and they want more ways to play,’ Treyarch’s Mark Lamia said in an interview with Playstation Magazine recently. And he doesn’t stop there. He goes on to talk about how Zombies got a much needed tech upgrade, ‘[Gamers] want bigger maps. They want even more interesting things to do inside these levels. So we are crafting new worlds, creating new game modes and bigger worlds.’

How have they accomplished this?  Mark says, ‘We’ve actually put [zombies] inside of our multiplayer engine and it’s capable of doing twice as many zombies, twice as many co-op players.’

That’s right folks. Bigger maps, more zombies. 8 players.

Which means now you don’t just have 8 friends to play with, but Lamia went on to hint at 4v4 game types in Zombies, ‘There are actually new modes, there’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?’

Indeed I can, but nothing compares to the list that Playstation Magazine came up with here.

But wait, there’s more!

So aside from a bigger maps, more players, and more modes, Zombies has one more trick up its sleeve. A potential leak by YouTuber ‘Mitadesigns’ reveals that Zombies won’t just have the ‘classic’ survival game type, but a Campaign mode.

Leaked photos of the Zombies menu show it reading, ‘Story: You Will Understand Everything.’

Awesome! I’m sure we’ll be able to either confirm or deny the Zombies Campaign in the coming months!

Good Gaming Folks, till next time!


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