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Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw was pre-taped due to New Year’s Eve. In a somewhat surprising turn of events, at least to me, Wade Barrett beat Kofi Kingston to become the new Intercontinental Champion. 


This was surprising to me because WWE already has it plastered all over their homepage. Seeing as how WWE doesn’t care about spoiling probably the most significant thing to happen on Raw tonight, and as the show is already pre-taped, I will go over Raw’s official Five-Point Preview instead of my usual predictions.

Point 1

On Monday Night Raw tonight, there will be a New Year’s Eve toast between AJ Lee and Money in the Bank holder Dolph Ziggler. Last week on Raw, the two shared their Christmas Eve together, which culminated in some mistletoe action. 


Apparently, WWE.com is has an invitation that they want to extend to you to witness the next chapter in the AJ-Ziggler saga, 


Cheesy, I know.

Point 2

Despite being given chance after chance, Ryback has continually been given a shot at CM Punk’s WWE Championship. Last week on Raw, he came out and announced that if next week, during the first Raw of the New Year, CM Punk is cleared to compete, the two will face off in a TLC Match for the WWE Title on Raw. 


So, what will Ryback do tonight? Clearly, the big man has a message to send.

Point 3

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Sheamus defeated World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show in a non title match up with a Brogue Kick. 


Then on Smackdown, Sheamus stood dominant over Show again when he tried to walk away from a match against Alberto Del Rio. 


So what will Sheamus do tonight to signify one more shot at the World Heavyweight Title? Clearly, Ryback isn’t the only one who needs to send a message.

Point 4

At WWE TLC, oddly buff yet strangely attractive WWE Diva Kaitlyn made it to the final three of the Number One Contender’s Battle Royal for the Diva’s Championship.

On the December 17th edition of Raw, she pinned Champion Eve in a non-title matchup. 


Then, on Raw last week she won an 8-Diva Tag match by pinning Champion Eve again. 


Seriously, look at those arms.

So, has Kaitlyn earned another shot at the Diva’s Championship giving her recent victories over the champion? If Kaitlyn can somehow come out on top of Eve again tonight, then it’s safe to say we will have a new champ in 2013.

Point 5

Apart from Wade Barrett winning the Intercontinental Championship from Kofi Kingston, who else will end 2012 on a high note?

Recent weeks have seen the debut and dominance of such forces as Big E. Langston, 


The Shield


and 3MB. 


Even Great Khali has shown he is still relevant when he won a battle royal on Main Event to become the number one contender for the United States Championship, with his match against champion Antonio Cesaro set to take place next week. 


So, who will make one last big splash tonight to close out 2012? Tune in tonight and find out! Or, you know…you could always read some spoilers. Cheater.

What do you hope to happen on Raw tonight? Sound off in the comments section below.


Photos: WWE.com

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