Weekly Beat Down: What Will The Shield Do Next?!

Written by Christian Miller

Here we are again, on the punch soaked precipice of another weekly edition of Monday Night Raw. Last week newly formed faction The Shield explained the motives behind their seemingly CM Punk biased attacks. What does it mean? What can we the wrestling fans hope to happen tonight based on what happened last week? Continue reading to find out!

Last Monday on Raw, Michael Cole conducted the very first interview of the three wrestlers that have been attacking Ryback for weeks: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.

To briefly sum the interview up, Michael Cole began by talking a bit about his background with the three wrestlers while they were in NXT. After an interruption by Ambrose, where he told Cole to just ask a question if he had one, Cole asked if the three wrestlers were in cohorts with WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman.

Ambrose then stated that they were not, and Cole asked what the purpose of their presence in the WWE was then. Rollins then told Cole that, that was the correct question to ask.

Rollins then went on to state that their time in NXT caused them to realize something: wrestlers answer to Vickie Guerrero and Booker T, Vickie Guerrero and Booker T answer to the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors answers to the fans. He then said that because of that, the WWE is a popularity contest, which isn’t fair. He then stated that they were like a shield of justice to the WWE, and the fact that they helped Punk was merely a coincidence.

Ambrose then chimed in, stating that it was unfair Punk had to defend his title against Ryback and Cena after already beating both men. He said that were the roles reversed, they would have helped Cena or Ryback.

Cole then asked Reigns for comment, who stated that if he had something to say he would say it (while looking very much like his cousin The Rock in the process).

Ambrose then continued speaking. He said that they were not The Nexus or the nWo. He then said that they were about honor and justice, and officially declared the group The Shield. Reigns then interrupted and said that the interview was over.

Cut to later in the show, during the main event between CM Punk and Kane.

After a hard-fought match between the two, CM Punk hit the GTS on Kane for the pin. Meanwhile Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose, who just emerged from the crowd prior to the finish, surrounded the ring and entered it.

Punk backed into the corner as The Shield attacked Kane and beat him down. Punk then left the ring and Kane’s tag team partner Daniel Bryan ran out to try and save him. After a few moments, The Shield beat down Bryan too.

After a few seconds of fighting, Ryback came out and started getting some well-deserved revenge on The Shield. CM Punk then reentered the ring and attempted to attack Ryback from behind, to no avail. Ryback had Punk in the air, primed for a power bomb, when Reigns speared Mr. Hungry and saved Punk again.

The Shield then hit their triple power bomb on Ryback, and Punk stood dominant over the number one contender to end the show.

So what will happen on Raw then, based on all that?

Well, for starters, we might finally see an actual, sanctioned match involving The Shield. Last week on Raw, The Shield beat down Team Hell No AND Ryback. Those are three wrestlers who don’t take being trifled with kindly, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns in six-man tag action against Team Hell No and Ryback.

That being said though, The Shield just debuted. It wouldn’t surprise me either if the WWE was holding off on the trio competing in their first actual match. They are trying to build them up in a strong light after all.

If that’s the case then I expect more of the same tonight: Ryback coming out and calling out The Shield, wanting their heads. Team Hell No will then interrupt and say that they want The Shield as well. Guerrero will then come out and deny them. Later on in the night, The Shield will ambush some variation of Team Hell No and/or Ryback and the show will end with Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns looking dominant again.

Hey, at the very least we will see some good ol’ fashioned fighting, which is good for wrestling fans everywhere.

What do you expect to see on Raw tonight? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to Darling Dork.

Photos: WWE.com

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