Weekly Beat Down- March 18th 2013

Last week was an intense episode of Raw. We saw CM Punk disrespect the memory of Paul Bearer, and Brock Lesnar issue a counter challenge to Triple H after Hunter’s Wrestlemania challenge to Lesnar. So, taking those facts into account, what can we expect to happen, based on Raw’s Five Point Preview, on Raw based on last week’s happenings? It’s the Weekly Beat Down!

Point 1 

Last week, Brock Lesnar interrupted a match between the New Age Outlaws and Team Rhodes Scholars. He F5ed both Outlaws.

Then, Paul Heyman said that Lesnar would accept Triple H’s challenge if Heyman and Lesnar could pick the stipulation to the match after Hunter signed the contract. Tonight, Triple H will be on Raw to answer Lesnar’s challenge, and he will accept. If Lesnar and Heyman announce what stipulation they pick, a Hell in the Cell match wouldn’t be surprising at all.

Point 2 

Tonight, there will be a Triple Threat match between Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett, the Miz and Chris Jericho for the title.

Now, I highly doubt that Barrett will lose this match so close to Mania. However, I do think that the match will lead to us knowing who Barrett will defend his title against at Wrestlemania. Perhaps someone will even break up the match, leading to a rematch Triple Threat at Wrestlemania.

Point 3 

Both John Cena and the Rock were suspiciously absent from Raw last week.

Seeing as how it is so close to Wrestlemania, Raw can’t really afford to not have another confrontation between the two. Hopefully they clash tonight and have another great promo battle.

Point 4 

Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio have both been making the feud between them leading up to Wrestlemania very meaningful. Del Rio took things to a whole new level with his video mocking Jack Swagger.

I don’t know which wrestler is going to take the next step to further the feud tonight, but I hope to see another Del Rio parody.

Point 5 

CM Punk, ever the controversial villain, did the unthinkable last week on Raw.

In the middle of Undertaker and Kane performing a tribute to recently deceased legend Paul Bearer, Punk blasted Kane in the back of the head with the urn, the storyline source of Taker’s power that Bearer wielded, and then stole it.

The match between Punk and Undertaker at Wrestlemania just got a whole lot more interesting. My guess is that tonight, Punk will be shown desecrating the Urn, and Undertaker will be powerless to stop him (thereby increasing the stakes for their match even more.)

What do you hope to happen on Raw tonight? Sound off in the comments section below.

Photos and info: WWE.com

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