Weekly Beat Down! Last RAW Before Money In The Bank

Written by Christian Miller

Here we are, on the eve of the final Monday Night RAW before Money in the Bank 2013, a PPV where the future of the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Title will be revealed. So, what can we expect on tonight, based on RAW’s official five point preview?

Point 1

Last week, Ryback quit his match with the Miz after taking much punishment to the leg.

Chris Jericho then attacked him post match, showing he is not going to mess around this weekend. So what can we expect to see tonight? My guess is the Jericho is going to come out and make fun of Cryback, as he has dubbed Ryback, and eat a Shell Shocked.

Point 2

Last week it was announced that Vickie Guerrero will be getting a job performance review tonight where she will either be promoted to General Manager or fired.

So what will happen? If rumors are to be believed, the McMahons are going to be on TV a lot heading into Wrestlemania next year, so my guess is that Vickie will be fired and replaced by Stephanie McMahon.

Point 3

There has been a lot of dissension between teams included in Money in the Bank matches (Kane and Daniel Bryan are both in the WWE Championship MITB match and Rhodes Scholars are both in the WH Championship MITB match). So what can we expect tonight?

If that trend continues, expect a rift start to show itself between Antonio Cesaro and Jack Swagger via unexpected losses due to miscommunication tonight.

Point 4

CM Punk went crazy and attacked Alberto Del Rio to a No Contest in their match on Smackdown after Del Rio attacked Paul Heyman.

So, even though Punk told Heyman he doesn’t need his help, what can we expect tonight? My guess is that Heyman will try to guilt trip his way into being in Punk’s corner for his MITB match this Sunday.

Point 5

Bray Wyatt and the creepy Wyatt Family will finally be making their debut tonight, having been called up from NXT.

So, how will they make a statement? There’s no doubt in my mind as to the fact that they will attack and dismantle someone. My guess is that it will be someone like Randy Orton, who isn’t really tied down to any major feud.

What do you hope to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section below!

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