The Weekly Beatdown Brock Lesnar Is Back!

Written by Christian Miller

Last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was a doozy. CM Punk evoked his rematch clause for Elimination Chamber, Paul Heyman was revealed to be aligned with both Brad Maddox and The Shield, and perhaps craziest of all, Brock Lesnar made his return with a thunderous F5 to Vince McMahon, allegedly breaking the chairman’s hip.

So, what could the WWE possibly do to make tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw better than last week? What can we expect to see based on what happened last week, and the official Raw Five Point Preview? Keep reading to find out!

Point 1

As mentioned above, Raw closed out last week via an F5 from Lesnar to McMahon.

Lesnar continued his path of dominance by sweeping in and saving Paul Heyman right as he was about to be fired. So, what’s next after the surprise attack?

Well one possible direction for this is for Triple H to make an appearance and declare revenge on Lesnar for attacking his father in law, thereby setting up a rematch between the two, hopefully at Wrestlemania.

It’s unlikely that something like that would happen so soon following the attack though. My bet is that tonight, Lesnar is going to come out to explain his actions, and then someone else is going to feel the wrath of an F5 (more than likely someone defenseless, like a ref or an official).

Point 2

Then again, Mr. McMahon is bound to respond to Lesnar in some way, shape or form. Mr. McMahon is notorious for not putting up with anyone’s crap throughout his career. is playing up the fact that Mr. McMahon’s hip is broken, so he may not make an appearance himself. I think it’s more likely he will make an appearance via satellite and confront the former UFC Champion.

What would be really cool is if Mr. McMahon angrily reinstated Lesnar so that Triple H will be able to fight him in a match.

Point 3

Brock Lesnar arrived just in the nick of time last week to save Paul Heyman, as Mr. McMahon was about to fire him due to the video proof that Heyman was aligned with Brad Maddox and The Shield.

So, where does Paul Heyman go from here? Is Vince McMahon going to still fire him? Will Vince McMahon return to confront him, and finish the job, only to suffer an attack at the hands of The Shield?

Interestingly, has a rather curious article up questioning whether or not Heyman is forming a new version of the Dangerous Alliance, with CM Punk, Brock Lesnar and The Shield forming the ranks.

Point 4

At the Royal Rumble, The Shield interfered in the WWE Title match when Mr. McMahon warned them not to.

This week, it was revealed that The Shield was in fact aligned with Heyman. So, how will McMahon react to that? The Shield already revealed their intention to stay muddled in the title picture, thanks to their attack on John Cena, so what does it mean?

Will they help Punk recapture his former title? Will Mr. McMahon fire the trio along with Heyman? Tonight we will find out!

Point 5

What will CM Punk do now that the group that Heyman is aligned with cost him his title and over 434 day reign as champion?

Was it all part of some kind of grand scheme? Will Punk distance himself from Heyman now that he knows he was aligned with The Shield?

There is only one thing certain: Punk will want some answers.

Find out tonight on Raw!

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