The Weekly Beat Down- Taker Vs. Punk Set For Mania, Lesnar To Respond To HHH And More

Written by Christian Miller

Here we are again. Another week has gone by, and it’s Monday. Since it’s Monday, that means the start of yet another wrestling week with WWE’s flagship show: Monday Night Raw. Last week, we learned that CM Punk will be challenging Undertaker at Wrestlemania, Triple H challenged former World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar to a match and The Shield did what many thought impossible by triple powerbombing the seven-foot tall, 500 pound Big Show.

So, given last week’s action packed episode, what can we expect to happen tonight on Raw (based on’s Five-Point Preview)?

Point 1 

As I mentioned above, last week (after Raw went off the air) The Shield invaded the ring and attacked the Big Show as he was recovering from the Fatal Four Way match.

They decimated him with a very unexpected triple powerbomb. It’s pretty obvious that The Shield is going to end up facing the unlikely team of Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show at Wrestlemania, especially considering the large number of run ins between all six wrestlers lately. Tonight, it will just be a matter of furthering that story line.

Point 2 

Last week, CM Punk won a Fatal Four Way between himself, the Big Show, Randy Orton and Sheamus to earn the right to face Undertaker and his undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. The two didn’t even waste time staring each other down after the win either.

So, what will Punk do next to begin building the feud leading to the match? Punk has never been one to back down from a fight or shy away from a challenge, so my guess is he will drop another of his infamous pipe bombs. Punk will use his words as weapons leading up to what will no doubt be the best match of the night come Wrestlemania.

Point 3 

Multiple times last week, WWE’s new lord of the dance, Fandango, refused to compete in his debut match because a ring announcer pronounced his name wrong (apparently it is said like FAHN….DAHN….GOE, with a good second’s worth of pause between each syllable).

Damian Sandow did a very similar thing when he made his debut, and eventually it got old. Considering the fact that Fandago’s dancing gimmick is (let’s be honest here) not very interesting at all, it wouldn’t surprise me if his debut finally takes place tonight.

Point 4 

Last week for Raw’s special Old School theme, former Attitude Era staple tag team and D Generation X members The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Bad Ass Billy Gunn, reunited and defeated the team of Primo and Epico.

Team Rhodes Scholars quickly challenged the duo to a match tonight, which the Outlaws accepted.

So, who will gain the upper hand and pick up the win tonight? While it would be awesome for the Outlaws to get another win, a victory over such a legendary tag team would be huge for Rhodes Scholars. My bet is that Scholars will pick up the win, which will hopefully catapult them into a tag title match against Team Hell No at Wrestlemania.

Point 5 

Last week, The Game, Triple H came down to the ring and officially challenged Brock Lesnar to a rematch at Wrestlemania.

As of right now, I am unaware if Triple H will be making another appearance on Raw tonight. However, Brock Lesnar will for sure be there to answer Hunter’s challenge. Given Lesnar’s background, he won’t refuse the fight, especially after the way Hunter busted him open two weeks ago.

The biggest thing up in the air is how Lesnar will accept the challenge. Will he abduct McMahon and destroy him again? Will he calmly go down to the ring and accept? Will he break someone’s arm with a Kimura Lock? We will find out tonight on Raw.

What do you hope to happen on the show? Sound off in the comments section below, and stay tuned to Darling Dork for all your pop culture needs!

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