The Weekly Beat Down, Pre SummerSlam Smackdown Edition!

Written by Christian Miller

Friday Night Smackdown is on tonight and that can only mean one thing! Okay… well, it means a lot of  things. However, the only thing you should be concerned with is a new edition of The Weekly Beat Down, where I offer all my wonderfully insightful thoughts and predictions (that usually aren’t correct) about the TV show with the coolest name in all of TVdom. Plus, it’s the last Smackdown before SummerSlam this weekend! How could you possibly miss it?

Ready? Then can keep reading to find out what to expect tonight, based on Smackdown’s official five point preview. 

(Also, I know Smackdown is pretaped. If you’d rather read spoilers, then go ahead…spoil the show, ya spoiler.)

Point 1

On RAW this week, Rob Van Dam won a Battle Royal match, earning the right to face Dean Ambrose for the United States Title this weekend. After the match, The Shield attempted to gang up on Van Dam and Mark Henry (who was congratulating Van Dam on his win) only to be thwarted by a returning Big Show.

Tonight, The Shield will take on the team of Show, Henry and Van Dam. What will happen? My guess is that Show’s team will win cleanly, thereby setting up a last minute match for the tag titles this weekend. (Can you imagine if Big Show and Mark Henry became tag champs?They weigh over 850 pounds together… Gives me goosebumps..)

Point 2

Daniel Bryan lost to Wade Barrett this past week on RAW thanks to an incredibly fast count by RAW GM/guest referee Brad Maddox.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan has a chance at revenge when he faces of against Barrett again in a no DQ match. I’m sorry, because I really like Barrett, but he will lose bad tonight, giving Bryan some much needed momentum rolling into what very well could be his changing of the guard WWE Championship match this Sunday.

Point 3

On RAW, CM Punk gained some serious momentum for Sunday when he surprise attacked his SummerSlam opponent Brock Lesnar with a camera and proceeded to deliver a beat down on him. (don’t feel bad, Heyman was trying to trap Punk anyway with a handicap match pitting him and Lesnar against Punk)

Tonight, Heyman will be on Smackdown to address the situation. What will he say? Well, you’ll just have to tune in tonight and find out, won’t you?

Point 4

Bray Wyatt will be making his official WWE main roster in ring debut this Sunday in a (rather surprisingly for me considering we’re in the PG era) Ring of Fire match against Kane…which is exactly what it sounds like. The ring will be surrounded by fire.

Kane has the current upper hand in the feud when he thwarted an attempted attack by the Wyatt Family on RAW.

However, Bray Wyatt is set to address the WWE Universe tonight regarding the match. So, what can we expect? My guess is that either Erick Rowan or Luke Harper will feel the wrath of a chokeslam, thereby giving Kane momentum for this Sunday, which will make Bray Wyatt appear stronger when he beats Kane and sets him on the shelf for a few months (to film See No Evil 2).

Point 5

Ryback doesn’t have a match at SummerSlam as we speak. However considering his strong showing in the Battle Royal last Monday on RAW, has he earned one?

If he has, we will find out later tonight!

What do you hope to see on Smackdown tonight? Sound off in the comments section, or on Twitter @TheDarlingDork!

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