The Weekly Beat Down: Post Survivor Series RAW!

Yo yo, what is up, Internet? It’s Monday, and that means that we’re going to be treated to a nice episode of Monday Night RAW tonight. It’s not just any normal episode of RAW though. No, Survivor Series was last night AND it’s the week of Thanksgiving. Expect to see the Gobbledy Gooker at some point.

So, what can we expect to see based upon the show’s official five point preview? Also, bear in mind that the following contains massive SPOILERS from last night’s PPV.

Point 1

Michael Strahan will be guest hosting.

Expect him to get buddy buddy with Cena, and punch out a heel (probably Alberto Del Rio).

Point 2

Last night, Randy Orton found The Authority in talks backstage with Cena.

Then, following  Orton’s victory against Big Show, Cena came out and had a stare down with the WWE Champ.

This led to Vince McMahon making a return to scream at Cena for interrupting Orton’s moment.

So, what can we expect tonight? Does this foreshadow a Champion vs. Champion match? Is Cena challenging for the right to be called the face of the WWE? Will we finally see the two belts unified? One thing is certain, at least in my mind: Vince McMahon will be on RAW tonight to shine light on things.

Point 3

Mark Henry made a surprise return from injury last night. He answered the bully Ryback’s open challenge and picked up a victory, all while sporting a new bald look.

So, who is set to be inducted into the Hall of Pain next? In my mind, one of two things will happen. A) Mark Henry will have a brief feud with Ryback as Ryback seeks to gain vengeance from the embarrassing loss last night, or B) the above things I hypothesized in the Number 2 point won’t happen and Henry will start a feud with Orton over the WWE Championship. In my mind, this is the more exciting option. There has never been a black WWE Champ before and if anyone can do, the World’s Strongest Man can.

Point 4

There’s currently a poll (which you can vote on here) asking who the Rock’s greatest Wrestlemania opponent was. The choices are Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Stone Cold. As of this writing, Stone Cold leads with 66%, John Cena has 26%, and Hulk Hogan has 8%. The results will be revealed tonight.

Point 5

Last night, the beard and the best were victorious in their showdown against the Wyatt Family.

However, after the match, Bray looked like he wasn’t finished with the duo. He laughed creepily at them and held himself back from a brawl. I think that this feud will continue through TLC. In my mind, CM Punk is a shoe in to win the Royal Rumble come January, so he needs a good feud through December.

What do you hope to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section, or on Twitter @TheDarlingDork and @christiangmill, with your thoughts.


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