The Weekly Beat Down, Post Battleground Edition! 09/07/2013

Hey there, everyone. It’s Monday, so that means tonight is another edition of Monday Night RAW! It’s not just any normal RAW though, because last night was the inaugural WWE Battleground PPV event. It was an event full of shocking moments in the WWE Title picture, a suspect ending to Punk vs. Ryback and a very impressive giant swing by Antonio Cesaro.

So, what can we expect to happen on RAW tonight, based upon what happened at the PPV and RAW’s official five point preview? Stay tuned!

Point 1

Last night, Big Show came down to the ring during the match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Title and interfered, knocking out Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and “fired” referee Scott Armstrong. This resulted in a no contest for the match.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, I fully expect Big Show to either get some very harsh punishment from Triple H for his actions…perhaps a 90 on 1 handicap match…or swerve and take another heel turn. Either way, it should be interesting.

Point 2

The Rhodes family (Goldust and Cody Rhodes) beat the WWE Tag Team Champions (Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) to secure their and their father’s jobs within the company again.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, they may have their jobs back… but I don’t think that Triple H will let them celebrate their victory for very long. I expect them to undergo some serious challenges tonight. Perhaps a match against one another?

Point 3

Last night, Alberto Del Rio impressively defeated ECW alumnus Rob Van Dam in a hardcore match to retain his World Heavyweight Championship.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, someone new is going to step up to the plate for a shot at ADR’s title belt. Who though? I honestly am at a loss as to who it will be. Hopefully it’s a newly free from 3MB Drew McIntyre (thanks to the whole #WheresDrew thing going around Twitter)

Point 4

Last night, CM Punk was surprisingly (at least in my opinion) victorious against Ryback when Paul Heyman tried to interfere, which distracted the ref and allowed Punk to hit Ryback with a low blow.

So, what can we expect tonight?  Well I don’t think the Heyman/Punk feud is settled, especially considering how things went down. I expect their feud to end at Hell in a Cell via a Hell in a Cell match between Punk and Heyman. However, tonight, I think we will see Ryback and Heyman attack Punk as redemption for the manner through which Punk won his match.

Point 5

As mentioned before, Big Show got involved in Bryan and Orton’s thrilling match for the vacant title. So, we still have no WWE Champion.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, it’s way unlikely that Triple H will announce two new competitors for the title. So, expect to see this feud continue through at least Hell in a Cell, which is the type of match, my guess, that Triple H will announce tonight between the two.

In a Hell in a Cell match, there will be no guesses or sketchy finishes. There are no rules, and it’s the perfect place to end the Bryan/Orton feud.

What do you hope to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section, or on Twitter @TheDarlingDork or @Christiangmill, with your thoughts.

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