The Weekly Beat Down: Last Monday Night Raw Before The Royal Rumble!

Written by Christian Miller

Last week during Raw’s 25th Anniversary show, we saw The Rock and CM Punk duke it out to close the show. Their brawl was so intense that a wealth of officials had to break them apart (Finlay, Jamie Noble and Arn Anderson were among the people trying to break them apart).

That’s not all we saw though. We also saw a potential “passing of the torch” between Miz and Ric Flair, we saw a new Divas Champion crowned and we saw Team Hell No’s follow up anger management evaluation.

So, after last week’s action packed episode, what can we expect to see tonight, based on Raw’s official Five Point Preview?

Point 1

As pointed out above, last week the WWE Tag Team Champions, Team Hell No, went through their four-month follow-up anger management evaluation (what a mouthful). It started innocently enough, with the two fabricating backstories to impress Dr. Shelby so they could just get the evaluation over with. 

Then, Dr. Shelby brought in Team Rhodes Scholars to try to antagonize the champs to see if they could get past their anger issues. Rhodes Scholars, instead of antagonizing Kane and Bryan, began criticizing Dr. Shelby, who got so frustrated that he ordered Hell No to attack Rhodes Scholars.

So what does this spell for tonight?

Well, Rhodes Scholars will most definitely be out for revenge, though I doubt the two teams will compete in a full match. My bet is that Rhodes Scholars will ambush Hell No at some point, thereby setting up a match between the two teams for the title at the Royal Rumble.

Point 2

Last week, Ric Flair was a special guest on MizTV. The two talked back and forth for a few minutes about past moments. Eventually, US Champion Antonio Cesaro interrupted, and ending up falling victim to a Figure Four.

Not by Flair though. At the urging of the 16-time World Champion, Miz performed Flair’s signature move on Cesaro, and then sent him packing.

Then on Smackdown, he was victorious against Primo via another Figure Four.

Clearly someone is going to fall victim to another Figure Four as Miz transitions into his new special move. It’s just a matter of what wrestler. Perhaps Cesaro will feel the wrath of the submission again, thus setting up a match between the two at Royal Rumble.

Point 3

Ever since he surprisingly beat The Big Show on Smackdown three weeks ago to become the new World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio has been antagonizing the former champion. He and Ricardo Rodriguez threw confetti and water on him, and attacked him nearly every chance they get.

I’m not saying it’s not justifiable, but is it smart? Big Show is a historically aggressive competitor who always comes out swinging when he gets angry, or if the situation calls for it. If Del Rio doesn’t want to have his reign end prematurely, then he might do well to not antagonize the giant again tonight on Raw.

Point 4

Last week during the Rock Concert, Rock called CM Punk out and then proceeded to guarantee his victory to become the new champion at the Royal Rumble. CM Punk then rushed the ring and the two brawled before being pulled apart by WWE officials.

At this point in time I am unaware if the Rock is scheduled to make an appearance tonight on Raw, though it would surprise me if he wasn’t there, at least briefly. These two need to clash again tonight, especially with how close the Rumble is. My bet is that if Rock will be on Raw tonight, we are going to see another fight that sees the Rock come out on top.

If he isn’t though, we can very much expect Punk to come to the ring and deliver a pipe bomb.

Point 5

The Royal Rumble is only a few days away. If anyone wants to make an impact tonight and roll with momentum into the PPV, it’s their last chance to do it.

Easily, Cena is the favorite to win the match this year, especially if you’re to believe rumors that the main event at Wrestlemania this year will be The Rock vs. John Cena 2 for the WWE Title.

Is there anyone else that wants it more than Cena though? What about US Champion Antonio Cesaro? Or Ryback? Or Kofi Kingston? Will there be anyone hungry enough to make an impact tonight and prove that Cena will have a fight on his hands if he wants to win the Rumble? We will find out tonight!

SO what do you expect to happen on Raw tonight, or hope to see? Sound off in the comments sections below!

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