The Weekly Beat Down! 6/24/2013

I can say this with complete confidence, last week’s Monday Night RAW was one of the best episodes of the show I have ever seen. So what, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

I think the reason for this was, simply put, it was incredibly jam packed and full of things no one expected to happen at all. That being said, do I think we will get a repeat and see another RAW tonight as good as last week’s?

Hey, a fan can hope though. So, what CAN we expect to happen on tonight’s RAW, based upon RAW’s official 5 point preview? Keep reading the Weekly Beat Down to find out!

Point 1

Last week, CM Punk came out to the ring and challenged a freshly heel turned Alberto Del Rio to a match. After winning (which I will get into the details more further on in the article), Brock Lesnar made his triumphant return to RAW…

…only to F5 CM Punk and leave him in the middle of the ring.

Obviously this is huge because everyone wants to know the motives behind the attack. Did Heyman sick Lesnar on Punk? Did Lesnar act of his own free will? Is Heyman turning on Punk? Obviously Lesnar and Punk will fight at Summerslam and in my opinion, I think Heyman is turning on Punk as it looks like Punk is going to go for another face run.

However, Heyman’s betrayal won’t be revealed tonight. That will be saved for closer to Summerslam. Tonight, we will see the next batch of seeds hinting at Heyman’s betrayal sown.

Point 2

Last week on RAW, a match between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton had to be legitimately (or so I’m told) stopped because Bryan suffered a stinger.

This caused Bryan to get very upset and have a real life (again, or so I’m told) argument with Triple H backstage over it. Apparently Bryan was pissed over the decision because he has never had a match stopped in his entire 13 or so year wrestling career.

Orton and Bryan then got a rematch on Smackdown, which Bryan won via count out (he was pissed about winning via count out too). Tonight they will go one on one for a third time. If rumors are to be believed that Bryan will be winning the WWE Championship Money in the Bank match (which, come one, what other fresh challengers does Cena have that aren’t tied up in another story line), then look for Bryan to pick up a clean win over Orton tonight.

Point 3

Mark Henry got the WWE Universe good. He made his “retirement” speech on RAW last week, only to swerve away at the last second and World Strongest Slam John Cena.

He then challenged Cena for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank.I must say, Henry pulled off some seriously good acting there. He was crying, the crowd was chanting one more match. I seriously thought it was his retirement speech and it made his attack on Cena that much better.

I honestly cannot wait for these two to fight at MITB and expect Henry to come out of RAW tonight looking dominant over Cena again.

Point 4

Alberto Del Rio beat Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title at Payback by taking advantage of his recent serious concussion via multiple kicks to the head.

He then turned heel on RAW by coming out and turning his back on the fans. Well, Del Rio went on to fight CM Punk in the main event and ultimately lost when he and Ricardo Rodriguez took off up the ramp part way through the match. Dolph Ziggler then blindsided him from behind and took out some frustration.

Then on Smackdown, Ziggler interrupted a match between Del Rio and Chris Jericho and took out some more frustration on Del Rio.

Tonight, Ziggler is set to address his loss at Payback. I very much smell Del Rio interrupting Ziggler’s promo and a brawl going down between the two.

Point 5

Last week, Triple H told Vickie Guerrero to punish The Shield if they did anything wrong in the evening. She told them not to get involved in Ambrose’s match against Kane. They did via a Triple Powerbomb to Kane. Guerrero then caught up with them backstage and was about to doll out some punishment.

Suddenly, Vince McMahon walked up and told The Shield he liked what they were doing and to keep it up. So, Triple H is expecting Guerrero to doll out punishment tonight? Will she do it? We will find out on RAW!

What do you expect to happen on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section below.

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