THE WEEKLY BEAT DOWN: 5/20/2013 – Post Extreme Rules Beat Down!

Written by Christian Miller

Last night was the WWE’s yearly post Wrestlemania PPV, Extreme Rules. In case you’re not familiar, Extreme Rules is an entire PPV dedicated to just what it sounds like: matches with Extreme Rules.

For me personally, Extreme Rules was amazing for one simple reason. Extreme Rules belonged to The Shield.

This trio from NXT, “the hounds of justice” as Michael Cole like to call them, are making serious waves in the wrestling business and are proving that they’re the stars of tomorrow. Everywhere you go wrestling veterans are heaping praise on The Shield about how bright their future is. I’ve noticed a particular heaping for Mr. Dean Ambrose, where a quick Google search will reveal all manner of people discussing how they think Ambrose is the next big thing in the WWE (perhaps a possible Cena replacement?). Don’t believe me? Check here and here and here and here and here.

Obviously, it’s a very heated topic. I won’t get into it too much.

Why I’m here is to give you some predictions about what I expect to happen on RAW tonight based upon RAW’s official five point preview. So sit back and check out the Weekly Beat Down! Oh, and spoilers for Extreme Rules are to follow. So, if you want to wait to see what happened until RAW tonight…be warned.

Point 1

Last night at Extreme Rules, Jack Swagger became the new number one contender to Dolph Ziggler’s World Heavyweight Championship when Zeb Colter made it look as if Ricardo Rodriguez threw in the towel for Alberto Del Rio.

However, the WWE debuted a new instant replay feature, the ref reversed his decision and restarted the match when he saw Colter try to cheat and Alberto Del Rio made Swagger quit to become the new number one contender.

Colter was none too pleased. He later took to Twitter to rant and complain that it was a conspiracy that WWE debuted the new instant replay feature. I expect that tonight, they will come out and rant about the conspiracy even more. They may even demand a rematch or challenge Del Rio for the shot.

Point 2

As I mentioned about, Extreme Rules belonged to The Shield. Not only did Dean Ambrose defeat Kofi Kingston to become the new United States Champion, but also Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns defeated Team Hell No to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions.

My guess is that tonight, they will come out and deliver another of their incredible promos, Kofi and Team Hel No will interrupt (demanding retribution) and we will see a six man tag match.

Point 3

Last night, Ryback and John Cena wrestled to a no contest when they crashed through the stage and neither guy could answer the ref’s ten count. Ryback was then able to walk out under his own power, but Cena got put on a stretcher.

Was Cena legitimately injured? Probably not. Will the WWE play it up tonight on RAW to increase his “underdog” mystique? Definitely. My guess is that Ryback will come out tonight and talked about being robbed and want a rematch (probably at Payback), Cena will come out and Ryback will attack and stand dominant over Cena (due to his “injury” last night) because that’s what Ryback does: look brutal and dominant on TV and then lose on the big stage.

Point 4

Last night Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H for one final time and came out on top of their rivalry.

What’s next for Lesnar though? Does he pursue the WWE Title? Does he form a tag team with CM Punk? Does he call out Orton and start a great rivalry headed into Summerslam later this summer? All would be great options (I personally think that the team with CM Punk is the most likely) however, I don’t expect to get any answers for what we will see next from Lesnar tonight.

I personally am unaware if Lesnar is scheduled tonight, but it would surprise me if he was. I’m guessing we will get some sort of celebration from Paul Heyman and then news for Lesnar at a later date.

Point 5

Chris Jericho came out on top of his rivalry with Fandango by picking up a victory last night.

Like Brock Lesnar, I am unaware if Jericho is scheduled to be on RAW tonight, or anymore for that matter. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jericho is done with his current run now that he has came out on top. We will find out tonight!

What do you hope to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section.

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