The Weekly Beat Down! 12/2/2013

Hey, folks! It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for the WEEEEEEKLY BEEEEEEEAAAAAT DOOOOOOOWN!

What can we expect to see on tonight’s show based upon its official five point preview? FIND OUT BELOW!!!

Point 1

We are on the precipice of a big moment in the WWE. Triple H has declared since the brand extension is over, there is no need to have two champions. So, at Tables, Ladders, And Chairs later this month, WWE Champ Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champ John Cena will be fighting in a TLC match with both straps on the line.

Last week, Randy Orton stood tall over Cena at the end of the show when he blindsided Cena with a shot from the WWE Title and hefted both belts over his head.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, I think that Randy Orton will be portrayed as the more dominant wrestler (given his whole sadistic, dangerous character). So, I think it’s safe to say that we will see Orton standing tall over Cena again at the end of the night. We may even see his punt kick teased, only to have Cena bail out of the ring at the last second.

Point 2

Remember that whole punt kick I mentioned above? Well it officially made it’s return at Survivor Series on Sunday when Orton busted it out against the Big Show. Well on Monday, during a tag match pitting Big Show and Cena against Orton and Del Rio, Del Rio kicked Big Show in the head several times and Show began experiencing “concussion” like symptoms.

So, what can we expect to see tonight? Well, I think that this is a way to play up to the dangerousness of Orton’s head punt. My guess is that tonight, Big Show will try and compete in another match and experience more symptoms. Then, Michael Cole will rant about how dangerous Orton is with his feet…

Point 3

The World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry, made his return to TV last week with decisive victories over Curtis Axel. Big E. Langston accompanied the big man to the ring.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, is talking about how it’s only a matter of time before Henry sets his sights on a title….gee…I wonder what title that could be?

I think that Henry will betray Langston, thereby returning him to proper heel form, and set up a feud between the two over the IC Title that will ultimately put Langston over as a dominant wrestler and champion, and make him more believable when he inevitable challenges for one of the main belts down the line.

Point 4

Last week, in a two on three handicap match, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan took on the Wyatt Family. Following the match, the Wyatts beardnapped Daniel Bryan and took him away up the ramp. He hasn’t been seen on TV since.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, I don’t think this will be the same as when the Wyatts kidnapped Kane. This has to be more personal, as Bryan is one of the top guys right now. My guess is that we will see a video of Bryan imprisoned at the Wyatt compound. Maybe they’ll even shave his beard as a sign of disrespect. Who knows?

Point 5

The Shield continues to prove that they’re one of the most dominant stables in recent memory. Roman Reigns had a breakout performance at Survivor Series, elimination four people in his match, and on Monday, the trio handily dispatched of CM Punk after the Wyatts made off with Bryan.

So, what can we expect tonight out of the Shield? Well, I think we will see the feud between them and Punk develop further, leading to a match (my guess is at TLC). Furthermore, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some more seeds of dissension develop between them all. Despite how great the Shield as a group has been, they’re all destined for bigger, greater things and before long, they’ll split up.

What do you expect to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section, or on Twitter @TheDarlingDork and @christiangmill, with your thoughts.

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