The best choice for me is a London Escort

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  • June 29, 2018
  • It’s an exciting time of the year. The New Year is coming, and I can feel it. What a terrific time to celebrate life and family. I always do not want it to end. No work and all play. People are still merry and happy. What a day indeed. Every day should be like a new year. An unending flow of happiness and joy. It represents a new beginning, hope, and second chances. I cannot ask for more than this. It is special when people take a break and appreciate life. I am thankful every new year that I am still alive and healthy. I know it’s not always going to be like this, all I can do is to be happy and not worry. My last new year was the best I ever had. All year long I felt like all I ever did was work and work with little time for myself.

    When the holidays were getting nearer and nearer. I also got more and more excited, finally a week with no work and worries. It is what I need the most. The time of the year that I am supposed to be happy and well. Yes, it is the New Year. I already have my new year’s resolutions and goals. When midnight came, I was determined to commit to giving myself the time and space I needed before I go into a relationship. This New Year, I would stop chasing the wrong girls for me. I will be patient and passive until the right woman to come into my life. The previous year was brutal to me.

    Every relationship I had lasted only about a month. And mind you it is no fun for me. All the time I wasted dating the wrong girls when I could be working on something else that could have a positive impact on my life. Girls after girls came, it just cost me a lot of unnecessary stress. It is also unfair to them because I am blaming them instead of myself. The worst mistake that I had on dating was last year. I dated my co-worker named Beth; she was a beautiful and lovely lady. And i could not resist her smile when she looks at me. The company has strict rules about having a relationship with a coworker. It is a big no; many people already got fired for that. I was thankful that it ended up quickly for Beth and me, and we did not get noticed by our boss. I should have just booked London escort like what I am doing now. London escorts a way better option than wasting time for the wrong women. London escorts just the right choice for me.




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