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Appleonia is Back…no not THAT Appollonia…this one

Written by KD Shaw

I recently posted a video from newly reborn Appleonia. No, not the progeny of Prince and 80s hottie Apollonia, but the transcended Jessica Chapnik Kahn, who “after years of mortality, decided to give birth to something else: herself. As Appleonia.” Her first video “Precious” is beautiful, striking, fun, and a little crazy when the apples start rolling and the darts are being thrown at her head.

Appleonia is now giving us a pensive look at “God”, with the help of filmmaker Penny Vozniak.  Penny and Appleonia add radiance to the already beautiful songs and Appleonia’s dazzling voice. Making a string of homemade videos together, the pair quickly became a two-woman show, acting as director, producer and crew while concocting frenzied one-shot ideas that often required life-threatening trial and error (all documented, of course). If you don’t believe me, go watch the video for “Precious” and the outtakes/making of the video.

Take a look at “God” and the making of the video “Shooting God.” I  almost wish they would have kept a bit more of the frolicking in the field look to the video that we see in the making of; however, I do love the idea of adding a little ode to Kali in the mix. Either way we get a glimpse of who Appleonia is, and we like what we’re seeing. Enjoy!

Appleonia is “Precious”

Lending a fresh face and a sultry, yet heady, voice to the music scene is the newly reborn, and not of this mortal world, Appleonia. Not to be mistaken with the 80s progeny of Prince, Jessica Chapnik Kahn calls to her rebirth as Appleonia as “…not interested in being a mere mortal. After years of mortality, she decided to give birth to something else: herself,” and honestly, with a beautiful face and sweet voice like hers she can call herself anything she wants. I love when the spectacle comes back to music. Her video Precious offers a glimpse into being reborn of nature. “It is the idea of transformation and the symbolic nature of things that has inspired her video art and makes them something of an experience. They lie somewhere between science fiction, a Greek/Hindu myth and Xanadu.” The video for Precious is dramatic and fun at the same time. I didn’t get concerned until directors started bombarding her with dozens of apples and then throwing lawn darts at her. (I’m pretty sure those are illegal in most parts of the world.) You can tell she is anticipating  what is about to come her way, and she doesn’t look like she’s having much fun once the dirt starts flying.

A few things to know about Appleonia that set her apart from the rest of us mortals and helps create who she is: “she immigrated to Australia as a child from Argentina. She lived in a migrant hostel. She was raised by Jewish Polish Catholic Italian Argentinian parents who joined a couple of cults along the way. She dreams in Spanish. Her first crush was Marilyn Monroe, followed closely by Lady Diana. She acts. She formed her first band at 17. As a teenager she studied the bible. As an adult she studies with a Rabbi. She visits a young saint in India. She was on an Australian soap opera. She doesn’t know how to swim, but she lives by the sea. She has a cat phobia. It is tensions like these that have influenced her music-making to date.”

Additionally, the girl can laugh at herself. Along with the video for Precious, which is really a gorgeous and meaningful song that many will love, she released a bloopers video of the making of the video. After watching the actual video you will appreciate it. Take a look at her video and get to know Appleonia.