Regular Show #1

images (2)Written By Nate Derr

I really, really love Regular Show. The vibrant colors, the 20-something slacker slice-of-life vibe, the surreal and absurd mishaps, the spot-on voice acting; for me it’s just the total package. So when I heard there was going to be a comic adaptation, I was a little apprehensive. Would the show’s unique charm be compromised in what could easily be an opportunistic cash grab? But like the Adventure Time comic, the Regular Show comic delivers the goods just as strongly, feeling like a loyal extension of the TV series while still letting the contributors put their own marks on it.

RegularShow_CVAMy apprehension was completely relieved when I saw that the first issue was written by none other than KC Green. With its odd dialogue and bizarre situations, Regular Show seems like a natural fit for the mind behind Gunshow, and fans of that comic will find a lot to like here. A big part of why I like Regular Show so much is the voice acting and the natural cadence of the dialogue, and Green does a fine job of replicating that here, capturing the nuances of each character’s particular speech patterns (basically, putting the “dudes” and “lames” in the right spots). The story too is fittingly out there, even bringing in some cool Lovecraftian themes.

RegularShow_01_CV_Dustin_1Like the writing, the art’s main focus here is staying true to the style used on the show, which it does admirably. The second half is all the more satisfying, then, when the story starts getting weird and the visual style follows suit. The crisp lines and colors of the show give way to watercolors and a more freeform style and layout, which just looks great and does an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the show.

As with BOOM!’s Adventure Time comics, the bonus comics at the end of each issue provide short, standalone stories with more creative liberties taken in terms of visual style and writing. Issue 1’s bonus comic is satisfying and has some really wild panels, and the take on the characters from another perspective is interesting to see.

Basically, if you love the show, you’ll probably love the comic too. If you’re not a fan, this probably won’t convert you. If you’ve never seen the show before, check this out, but then be sure to catch the show sometime (you’re missing out).

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