Ratchet and Clank Finally Getting Some Big Screen Love!

Written by Brett Reistroffer

Recently announced over at the Playstationblog, Insomniac Games’ longtime fan favorite series Ratchet & Clank will finally be getting the big screen treatment. Handling the production of the feature film will be BlockadeEntertainment and RainmakerEntertainment, with the scripting being helmed by T.J. Fixman, who has been Insomniac’s lead scribe for the series over the last couple of installments. The parent game studio will remain involved with the production and direction of the movie, so expect all the goofy, galaxy spanning adventure the games are known for.

Check out the early announcement trailer below. And in another bit of related news, according to a Variety exclusive article on the collaboration, Blockade will also be producing a direct to video CGI film adaptation of Ninja Theory’s Heavenly Sword. Good stuff, but where’s our sequel to the game?

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