Post Royal Rumble Raw Roulette!

Written by Christian Miller It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Raw. Tonight’s Raw is special, not only because the Royal Rumble took place, but also because it is a special Raw Roulette edition. It goes without saying that massive spoilers are set to follow. So, if you’re looking forward to finding out what happened last night at the Rumble on Raw, stop reading now. Last night at the Royal Rumble PPV, CM Punk lost his WWE Title to The Rock, and John Cena won the Royal Rumble match. Del Rio retained his World Heavyweight Title and Team Hell No kept their tag title. So, based on that, and according to Raw’s five-point preview, what can we expect to happen tonight?

Point 1 As mentioned above, tonight’s Raw will be a special Raw Roulette edition. Matches and stipulations are decided via the spin of a roulette wheel, so literally anything can happen. Will Punk get a rematch? Will the Intercontinental Championship be defended in a steel cage? Anything is possible. Point 2 Last night at the Rumble, Alberto Del Rio retained his World Heavyweight title against the Big Show when Ricardo Rodriguez duct taped Show’s feet to the ropes, thus rendering him unable to get up for the ten count. Big Show will more than likely be furious, and someone is going to feel the wrath of the Knockout Punch. Whether it is Ricardo Rodriguez or someone else, it’s just a matter of time. Big Show will send a message to Del Rio tonight.

Point 3 Last night, Team Hell No was successful in their defense of the tag title against Team Rhodes Scholars. However, once it came to the Rumble, Daniel Bryan did the unthinkable and eliminated his partner Kane. Kane would repay the favor a few moments later, when Antonio Cesaro threw Bryan over the ropes and into Kane’s arms. Instead of placing him back in the ring, Kane dropped Bryan, thus eliminating him. It was only last week that the two officially graduated from anger management. Will the two have to go right back? Will we see more of Dr. Shelby following last night’s actions?

Point 4 Last night, Chris Jericho made his return at the Royal Rumble, coming in at number 2 and shocking the WWE Universe. Eventually, Dolph Ziggler eliminated him. Seeing as how Ziggler was the one who eliminated Jericho, and cost him his job, Jericho more than likely has words for Ziggler. Especially if you read this quote from, “Ordinarily the Legends who return to the Royal Rumble do so almost on a whim, and a long-term stay isn’t in their future. But given Jericho’s Herculean resolve in the Royal Rumble Match and the fact that he now owes Ziggler two instead of one … well, we’d be shocked if he simply split without taking another shot at The Showoff.”

Point 5 Last night, The Rock beat CM Punk to win the WWE Championship. Prior to that though, CM Punk had won the match when the lights went out, and The Shield allegedly attacked Rock. Just when it looked like Punk would be on Raw tonight, his title in hand, Vince McMahon came out and was about to strip Punk of the title. Rock took up the mic though, and urged him to restart the match instead (which is how he won the title).

How will Punk respond to the fact that the title he has held since November 2011 is no longer around his waist? What actions will he take? Will he have anything to say to The Shield? Furthermore, tonight McMahon will be giving Paul Heyman a performance evaluation. What will happen? Could it be the last we see of Heyman? Tune in tonight to find out! Photos and info:

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