P36 Hits the Knit

Written by KD Shaw

p36 ticketsWhile you’re out and about in Downtown Boise Friday night, aimlessly wandering and  wondering which venue to visit next, head over the The Knitting Factory for a low dough show and check out P36.

Boise’s P36 features a post-punk sound with heavy metal influences. P36 started in 2002 at the University of Idaho when Aaron Miller and brothers Nathan and Jared Dawson decided they would learn how to play instruments together. The band developed with the addition of then equally-untalented Chris Sverdsten into a simple pop-punk band. After several years, more drummers, two studio albums and a lengthy learning curve, current drummer Jeremiah Strohmeyer joined the band in 2006 after they returned home from tour, giving P36 the foundation for what they are today. P36 took on a harder, more serious edge and has recorded two studio albums since then. They are currently finishing up the writing process for their fifth album and are slated to record it in early 2013.

Current guitarist Zachary Hawkins replaced Nathan in 2011, when Nate had to move away and get a real job as a Physics professor. Zach has fit in perfectly, adding youthful good looks and a new dynamic, while starting the next step in the band’s evolution from a pop-punk outfit into a well-rounded, diverse and entertaining group of musicians that combine several musical styles into one cohesive sound. While the songs are serious, the band seldom is, and it leads to shows that are explosive, intense, goofy, and whatever other buzz words might be applicable.

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