No Ash in Evil Dead 4

Written by Jeff Snyder

evil dead 4In a follow up to my most recent article, it is now official that Evil Dead 4, aka Army of Darkness 2, will be made. Sony Pictures announced on March 10th both the remake of Evil Dead, the original cabin-in-the-woods gore and giggle flick, and the official sequel to Army of Darkness (known to fans as Evil Dead 3). Director Sam Raimi will be involved in both, although only as a producer for the remake. How can both films be coming out at the same time, I hear you ask? Producer Rob Tapert has come out recently, stating that both series will “co-exist beautifully” with the remake sporting a cast with entirely new characters. That’s right, no Ash. To be honest, not as interested in going now, as it has all the potential of being your basic horror film now.

What made Evil Dead the film it was was Ash and the seamless blend of horror and comedy. Dark comedy, but comedy nonetheless. That, and an incredibly low budget. Without the characters, specifically the chainsaw-hand wielding Ash, there’s not too much to separate it from your standard horror film. A bunch of college students spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods and something in the woods is trying to get them. It was Raimi’s masterful take on this cliché, and Campbell’s brilliant overacting, that set it apart. I’ll still give this one a chance because I hate writing something off, and it got fairly good reviews at a recent screening, but that’s my gut feeling here. Bruce “The Chin” Campbell will be returning to the role of Ash for Army of Darkness 2 and seeing the crew team up again is exciting. Many questions have been circulating the internet since the news of this was broken. Where/when will the film be set? How will the account for Bruce’s aging? What will the tone be (more horror like the original, perfect blend like the second, or more humor like the third)? I’m looking really looking forward to answering these questions for you guys/gals as we get more info on it.

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