New Kid on the Block- Jet City Comics

jet city comicsWritten by Kara Shaw

If you haven’t heard already, news broke yesterday that there’s a new kid in comics town with Amazon’s new imprint Jet City Comics. Jumping into the game with both feet and featuring both digital and print editions of comics and graphic novels, Amazon has hit the ground running with Neal Stephenson’s Symposium #1 released July 9th. This fall, Amazon pulls out the big guns with a short story adaptation of R.R. Martin’s “Meathouse Man”, as well as Kindle favorite Hugh Howey’s Wool.

Of course, Amazon is going to be offering up these new books via Kindle as standalone books, series and bundled graphic novels, what pleases me most is that they aren’t giving up on print. There’s just something about holding a book in your hand and turning those pages and Amazon hasn’t forgotten that.

In a press release , Alex Carr, Senior Editor of Jet City Comics said, “It’s a dream to work with superstar authors like George, Hugh and Neal on the launch of a new imprint. Millions of fans have read and loved their novels, and with Jet City we look forward to opening up these iconic worlds to new audiences. We’re working with an incredible, hand-picked team of comics professionals, writers, artists, and translators, who have done an amazing job developing and expanding these inventive stories. I’m looking forward to the response from comics readers and fans.”

So what can you look forward to reading in 2013? Here you go:

meathouse man An original comic adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s story “Meathouse Man,” illustrated by Raya Golden, and a re-release of “The Hedge Knight” by Ben Avery and Mike S. Miller, a prequel set in the universe of Martin’s best-selling A Song of Ice and Fire epic fantasy series (the inspiration for the hit HBO program Game of Thrones). “Meathouse Man” will be released as a single issue comic in digital format in October 2013; “The Hedge Knight” will be released as a collected graphic novel in print and digital formats in November 2013; and its sequel, “The Sworn Sword,” will follow in early 2014.

Wool An adaptation of Hugh Howey’s bestselling dystopian novel Wool by comics veterans Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, and illustrator Jimmy Broxton, where the remnants of humanity live in a massive silo hundreds of stories below the surface of the ruined and toxic landscape of Earth. Wool was a #1 bestseller in the Kindle store and is one of the most-reviewed science fiction novels on Amazon, with almost 6,000 customer reviews. It will be released as a Kindle Serial, as six individual comics issues starting in October 2013, followed by a collected graphic novel in 2014.

Symposium Six original comics from The Foreworld Saga, the bestselling alternate history series that began with The Mongoliad (a serialized novel collaboratively written Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo, Nicole Galland, Erik Bear, Joseph Brassey and Cooper Moo). The first Foreworld comic, “Symposium #1” by author Christian Cameron and Illustrator Dmitry Bondarenko, details the origins of the Shield-Brethren in Ancient Greece in the days following Athens crushing defeat to Sparta in 394 BC. It goes on-sale July 9, with new installments releasing monthly before being collected in a series of graphic novels in 2014.


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