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My hubby is the pickiest music lover I’ve ever met. With a swipe of his finger, he moves through the hundreds of songs on my tablet faster than his lips can say, “Next.” But one day his fingers stopped moving, and much to my surprise I heard, “What’s that? I like that. Play that.” That, my friends, is Conduits.

The best way to describe Conduits is if Massive Attack and Ladytron had a baby the beautiful bouncing babe that came into this world is Conduits. The shadowy voice of Jenna Morrison is very similar in sound and design to Ladytron’s front woman, Helen Marnie, and Jenna’s band mates Roger Lewis, Mike Overfield, Nate Mickish, and J.J. Idt compliment her vocals perfectly. Originally demoing The Conduits were guitarists JJ Idt and Nate Mickish, but as they grew the two knew they wanted a female voice to fill the space in their songs. Enter Jenna and the rest of this incredible band.

The word Shoegaze has been used a lot to describe the Omaha, Nebraska natives sound, and they don’t mind being put into that category, as they list Jason Spaceman (Spiritualized, Spacemen 3), Beth Gibbons (Portishead), and Slowdive as part of their musical inspirations, but there are many layers to this album. Their songs are alluring and draw the audience in; both soft and seductive and upbeat and noteworthy, depending on if you’re at the beginning, middle or end of the album.

Give a listen and download the first track Top of the Hill off their debut album Conduits on Team Love Records, in stores March 20th.

Top of the Hill” free download

Watch this in studio performance of “Limbs and Leaves.”

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  1. Conduits says:

    Hey, guys! Thanks for the nice review! For future reference, it is just “Conduits”, though. No the. Happens all the time 🙂

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