Cold DaysWritten by Random Jordan.

As if I couldn’t be ecstatic about coming across yet another Dresden Files book. And one that was severely overdue by nearly half a year. Recently Cold Days, the fourteenth book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher, released with a boom (and a rather hefty cost). I’ve mentioned before how much I could gush about this entire series, and how developed and fun the characters are and as the story continues I find just as much fun with it.

Cold Days starts with the main character, Harry Dresden, being rehabilitated after he more or less returned from the dead. Not only is he rehabilitated but he is put through rigorous assassination attempts on his life that are all quite amusing. And then introduced to Sith, the cat lacking his red lightsaber. Things start to get crazy when Dresden’s first job is a party of all things, assigned by Queen Mab, the winter faerie queen. After which he is given his second job which is to slay one of the faerie queens.

I particularly enjoy the inception of various new characters introduced like Sith and Sarissa and even a pixie warrior girl that got called ‘hook’. And this is all with continued character development for the ones that already exist, including toot-toot, a pixie with an army, who falls madly for Hook the pixie warrior girl after she is revealed to be female. And don’t even get me started on Molly, Harry’s apprentice, who has some seriously drastic changes over the previous novels and is only further exemplified with this one. I can’t reveal what happens to her though, or many people would murder me.

This new novel manages to pull off some fun twists and interesting parallels to the faerie world that can already be found; such as Santa Clause. With the completion of this book I can certainly say I enjoy where the characters have gone, although I’m sure not everyone would feel the same way. I few characters even die, but I had kind of been waiting for those characters to die. Regardless you certainly can’t say that Jim Butcher keeps a stagnant world for his series. His is actually one of the few I’ve read and seen that actually changes and changes the characters and shows the consequences of his actions heavily over the course of such a long series.

Now, I’ve already mentioned that this series is what really kicked me in the behind to get to writing more, here. But, I find it interesting to read this newest book right after I had just finished my first novel and to see the amount of parallels in the way I develop and show my story and characters and how I see Jim Butcher do it. I had stolen quite a bit from this author in the inception of my own work, but in the sense of his mentality and not his writing style. It was strange to read parts of this story and realize how similar it was to my own. It was almost like with completely different characters and a completely different premise I had somehow created what was the next part of the Dresden Files, just by having read the previous ones.

Regardless, because of my love of this series, I truly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Urban fantasy or any kind of fantasy and I’m not the only one. I know Patrick Rothfuss, who has been shown on Geek And Sundry in the writing podcast he does each month, has gushed just as much about Jim Butcher and his incredible world. In fact you can even see Patrick Rothfuss and Jim Butcher on the first episode of the Geek and Sundry storyboarding podcast here.

If you would like to start with the series at the beginning you can generally find plenty of Jim Butcher’s books at used book stores, as well as online. The first of the series is called Storm Front. This is truly the novel series that defined Urban Fantasy as a genre.

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