“The Castle Aaahhhgggg – our quest is at an end.” OR IS IT?? MONTY PYTHON’S LATEST PROJECT


Written by Jeff Snyder

They’re Not Quite Dead…

Monty Python have reformed to make a new movie. Like the Spanish Inquisition, nobody quite suspected it, including John Cleese, who only two years ago said there wasn’t much hope of such a reunion. As of writing this, Eric Idle has yet to sign on to the project, a sci-fi filmed called Absolutely Anything, but with all of the other Python’s on board, it should be within the realms of possibility (especially figuring that Idle has probably remained the closest to the Python material with his musical Spamalot and his operetta, Not the Messiah (He’s A Very Naughty Boy), both of which are based on Python movies). Producer Mike Medavoy (Black Swan) compares the film to the classic Pink Panther films, at least hopefully not the Steve Martin ones, and refers to it as a “classic farce”. Terry Jones is in line to direct the film, as he did with Monty Python’s classic film Life of Brian. Jones, however, doesn’t want you to expect the same old sort of stuff they were delighting us with back in their prime. “It’s not a Monty Python picture, but it certainly has that sensibility.”

notDeadThe premise of the film is very Python-esque, as it is both campy and gives the writers a chance to lampoon the society around them. The remaining Pythons will play a group of aliens who come to Earth and grant wishes in order to see what happens. There is also a dog that will be voiced by Robin Williams. Seriously, I can’t make this up. Honestly, Robin Williams is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine so seeing him work with the Python’s could potentially be really neat. The only problem is that the plot has the potential to be really bad. It sounds almost too campy and with the inclusion of an animated dog voiced by Robin Williams? I don’t know, it just sounds like the makings of a bad film. It has all the makings of being a dead parrot, the pale imitation of the real thing and utterly devoid of life and inspiration. If this wasn’t the Pythons, I wouldn’t touch this film with a 10 foot pole, but these guys are magicians. Really, I believe they can pull this off. This group is legitimately one of the biggest influences from my childhood (them and Mel Brooks) and I am simply going to will this movie into being good. I’m, of course, going to need the help of every Python fan out there, young and old. If we combine our will-powers together, like some sort of comedy Goku, maybe, just maybe, we can help the comedy gods make us laugh again.


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  1. Without Monty Python, I would be so much more normal. The only thing better than something completely different like this, would be if John Cleese announced a contract with Alcor.

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