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  • August 12, 2018
  • Not all girls at London escorts love to spend their time with rich businessmen or high profile men. I love to date nerds. There is something special about nerds. Most of my regulars at London escorts are nerds and I just love spending time with them. They are honestly very sweet and fun to be with once you get to know. As a matter of fact, I have become a lot better educated since I started to build up a “nerd following” at our cheap London escorts service. Of course, I don’t only date nerds, I do date other men as well. But, I have changed my London escorts profile to make sure that the majority of men who ask me for dates, are nerds. In my photos I wear glasses, and I kind of look a bit maternal.

    There are also a few photos of me in front of my computer and looking at my iPad. You can attract any gent to London escorts by using the right kind of publicity photos and profile right up. And yes, that is me with the apron and the freshly made cake. I guess that to most nerds I seem pretty non-threatening. Nerds are not the kind of guys who would call London escorts and ask for a date with a dominatrix. They make like the idea of it, but in their hearts of hearts, that is not really the sort of date that they are looking for at all. Most nerds I know don’t spend a lot of time socialising, and that is something they certainly like to get out of their dates with me at London escorts. A date with a nerd normally starts in the same sort of way.

    I get asked to meet them in a certain discrete bar or pub in London. Most of them are a bit embarrassed about having called London escorts in the first place, but I ignore all of that. I have a nice chat to them, and we often end up going out for a meal. The nice thing about nerds, is that they are always very respectful. They ask what you would like to eat, and the funny thing is, they all seem to be as keen on sushi as I am. Once you get to know a nerd, you will find that he wants to date you time and time again. When I worked for a South London escorts service, I used to date more businessmen than I do now.

    It was okay, but I really do get a kick out of my nerds. Last weekend on my birthday, one of my nerds treated me to a trip to the London Zoo. I put my jeans on and we behaved like little kids. It was a great day out. After the zoo, he took me to one of the best cake shops in London where a personalised cake and a big bunch of balloons were waiting for me. It was not until I came home, I found the lovely necklace he had slipped in my bag. You were saying about dating nerds.

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