If you are a sex addict, then you will never get enough it.

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  • March 20, 2019
  • You will always want more sex and it will never be enough according to Gorgeous London Escorts. This is the same case with John. He has had sex with countless women and is still on a mission to fuck more. So you can call him a sex maniac. This is his story according to London Escorts.

    This man, commonly known as Johnny in his neighborhood, was a polite, calm and innocent boy in his childhood according to London Escorts. He got his first kiss when he was 15, that’s astonishing for a handsome and sexy looking guy. So all hell broke loose when he first got his virginity broken at age 17. That’s when he knew why people pay thousands of dollars just to get laid.

    He never got into a serious relationship because he knew he would stick to one woman and one pussy when he settled down according to London Escorts. So he avoided relationships as much as he could. So there is this night club he works as a bouncer. You would call it his hunting ground.

    You will find him at the entrance acting like he is strict, and can’t let anyone underage get into the club. And he does so, but he is also selective according to London Escorts. He will allow any woman with a hot, big ass, and nice titties to get in, on condition that they hook up after the party.

    There is this time an underage was in the queue waiting to get in; she was so hot and dressed for the occasion. She was hard not to notice. John knew this was another prey ready to be tackled by him. He allowed the young hot lady in and asked his fellow bouncer to stand in while he escorts the young girl.

    Naive as she was, she felt protected and gave in to every command according to London Escorts. Since the music in the club was too loud, he requested to take her to the staff’s locker room so that they could talk. John being this cute guy with sexy lips and a fine body, she couldn’t hold back.

    They got into the locker room and the skilled John didn’t say a word. He went straight for her breasts and squeezed them tight but in sensual manner. She was ready and willing to have this guy’s dick inside her. She reached for his lips and kissed them like a real porn star. Before she knew it, her pants were on the ground and she was filling a 9-inch dick in her pussy.

    This was a quickie and he had to finish up before the club manager notice his absence at the entrance. She dressed up and redid her make up. She went back to the dance floor and John went back to the entrance to wait for his next ‘kill’.

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