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  • October 10, 2018
  • All the days of my life were filled with so much memories of my dad and mom for I used to be the only son of them. It was late afternoon after my class in college and they will pick me up in school for we will be having a family dinner then. But what shocked me out for I was not picked by them for about an hour had past. When I called mother nobody answers her phone same as my dad’s phone. After a minute somebody is calling me and informed me about the sudden death of my parents due to a car accident. They both left me alone and during that moment it seems that it is the end of the world for me. I even thinking of ending my life and follow them for I am nothing without them. After they were buried the night of it I dreamed of them telling me to be responsible as if they were talking to me like we used to do in the dining while having our food eaten. When I woke up I glimpse the reality of the situation a from that dream alone I made so sure that I would be able to do the things that they wanted me to do.
    As early as 20 I then took over my father’s position as the CEO of our own company and now I will claim it as my own company for these was the legacy of my parents that they wanted me to do to own what they own for of all the things they do was all for me and I will definitely do the best that I can to make them proud. So when I started working and at the same time pursuing my degree I do have countless sleepless nights and candle burnt but those were just easy for me for as long as I am doing it for my parents legacy and pride there is nothing I can’t do with. This the least that I can do for them to take good care of what they have started and will make it the best as they wanted it to be.
    It was already ten years to be exact but seems that it was yesterday. Their smiles and laughter’s still echoes on my ears and be seen on my two eyes. It’s been a while since they had visited me on my dream it was only yesterday that they come unto my dream and it was a sad dream for me for they both were crying for they have seen in me unhappy. They want me to look for a partner and settle down and have my children and build my own family. After that greatest dream I do follow them for I don’t want them to be sad I look for woman and what I had found is a woman who is very much well known on escort’s world the Bethnal Green escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/bethnal-green-escorts and I would say I totally hooked up on her. I hope this is a good start for me and her.

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