HO HO HO! It’s A Holiday Weekly Beat Down!

What up, everyone? It’s Monday, and since Christmas is in a few days, naturally, RAW tonight is going to be Christmas themed. It’s the battle of good vs. evil, when the good World’s Strongest Santa takes on the bad Intellectual Santa of the Masses.

So, what can we expect to see on RAW tonight based upon its five point preview? Keep reading to fa la la la la, fa la find out.

Point 1

As mentioned above, good Santa will clash against bad Santa with Christmas itself on the line. Will the bad Sandow Claus triumph and cancel Christmas? Or will the good Henry Claus capture a victory and ensure all the good boys and girls around the world receive presents? I think this prediction is simple. There’s no way Henry Claus won’t win.

Point 2

Last week, Bryan was given an early Christmas present in the form of a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In what came as a surprise to no one, Randy Orton took the easy way out and ended the match via a low blow because the championship doesn’t switch hands in disqualification victories.

So, what can we expect tonight? Orton may get a lump of coal in his stocking for his actions against Bryan, but there’s no doubt in my mind that the Authority will reward him for his victory.

Point 3

Last week on Smackdown, Bray Wyatt ensured his spot on the naughty list when he and his family ambushed Daniel Bryan and tossed him out of the building and onto some concrete.

So, what can we expect tonight? I seriously hope that Bryan eventually joins up with the Wyatts eventually. Either way though, I expect to see the Wyatts attempt another ambush tonight so they can finish what they started last week.

Point 4

On RAW last week, the Shield rebounded from their PPV loss by defeating CM Punk and the Usos.

They even had a solid handicap match against CM Punk and John Cena on Smackdown.

Seemingly, the Shield have figured out where they went wrong and are getting rid of the problems that plagued them at the PPV, right?

I think that the Shield will inevitably break up sooner rather than later, and tonight, we will see more seeds of a break up sown.

Point 5

Despite successfully defending their titles at TLC, the Rhodes brothers suffered multiple defeats last week, first to the newly formed team of Rey Mysterio and Big Show:

…and then to the Wyatt Family on Smackdown.

So, what can we expect tonight? Well, before long the Wyatt Family will be tag champs, my guess is at Royal Rumble (which will hopefully be the start of a buildup to a match between Cody Rhodes and Goldust at Wrestlemania).

However, I think tonight that the Rhodes duo will pick up an easy victory. They’ve earned it. They’re the champs, and as such can’t lost all the time.

What do you hope to see on RAW tonight? Sound off in the comments section, or on Twitter at @TheDarlingDork and @christiangmill, with your thoughts.

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