Friend’S Anniversary Party Leads To Sex Romp

  • darlingdork
  • February 25, 2018
  • Peter is generally a reserved and cool guy until he gets drunk. When he is drunk he lets all of his craziness loose and really has fun. His friend Cain invited him to his wedding anniversary party where Peter met a beautiful blonde bombshell by the name Bella. At first Peter was hesitant to approach Bella since he thought she had come with someone else. After a while he realized that she was also throwing some glances his way. So he joined her at the table where he introduced himself. They chatted for a while having some shots and flirted until it was around 11:00 pm when she told Peter that she wanted to go home. So, Peter offered to take her home since he doesn’t live far from her town.

    When they got in the car, they started to kiss passionately and touching each other seductively. Peter asked her if she wanted to take the escape to a more private place and she nodded shyly as they drove off to a nearby motel. She let Peter know that she worked as an escort for a living and asked him if he was ok with that. And of course she was not having sex with him in a professional manner. That actually seemed to turn Peter on even more. Now he had the task of trying to give maximum pleasure to a woman who had sex for a living. They booked a room and headed straight to the room which was located on the third floor. On their way, everyone stared at them since they could not keep their hands off each other and they also kept kissing and whispering to one another.

    When they opened the room, Bella didn’t waste any time as she started to strip off Peter’s clothes and kissing him. Peter unzipped her short mini dress from the back where he began to kiss her softly on the back. He removed her dress and her sexy thong. Bella has big perky tits and a round peach-shaped ass. He carried Bella to the bed where he started to leak her pussy. Bella held his head firmly in a way that suggested she didn’t want him off that part.

    He picked her up with his arms and laid her on the sofa that was in the room and started to fuck her hard. Hence they wanted to have the best experience out of it. He later turned her on the other side where he fucked her from the back. After a while, they changed to another position where Peter got on the chair while Bella sat on his hard dick ready to ride. The neighbors could hear both of them scream so hard as they both enjoyed the great sex they were having. They moved from the sofa to bed where they had more sex and fun trying out new styles. This was the best night Peter had ever had, and he hoped to have sex with Bella again soon.

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