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  • January 10, 2020
  • Are they any fashionable escorts agencies in the UK? Here in Emirates, we have some escorts services that are trendier than others. For instance, if you visit a place like Dubai you may find that there are some agencies which a lot of gents prefer to use. It is not because they are cheaper than other escorts services, it is because the girls are a little bit different. At the moment it is really into to date Icelandic escorts in Dubai, and you sometimes have to wait for a couple of days to date your dream girl.

    The situation is very similar in the UK, and at the moment, one of the trendiest agencies in London is Bond Street escorts from It seems a bit odd really as Bond Street escorts have been in business for quite some time but at the moment the agency is certainly flying high. It is interesting to note that it is “in” to date foreign escorts in the UK as well. Some people say that the movie industry is responsible for the fascination with foreign escorts, but I am not sure that is true. Any foreign culture is however very popular in London at the moment, so perhaps this has something to do with it.

    Bond Street escorts do not only offer Scandinavian escorts; they offer a lot of other exciting services as well. Duo dating crossed from the United States about two years, and now, it is just as popular in the UK as it is in the United States. Trends do seem to follow each other around the globe, and I keep on wondering when the English service called escorts for couples, will turn up elsewhere. It is certainly very popular in the swingers’ community, and as there are quite a few swingers in the US, I suspect it will turn up in the US.

    Another thing which is talked about a lot in this country is hedonistic holidays. They never used to be so popular here, but a couple of the girls from Bond Street escorts, say that they are getting more and more popular. It seems that a lot of us are looking for a different holiday experience, and the only way that we can really get that, is by trying out different things. Of course, hedonistic holidays have been popular with swingers, and the more exotic love community, for a very long time.

    What is the future of escorting? Last year party girl services were very popular in the UK, and this year, has seen the rise of escorting for couples. More than likely, new exciting ideas will follow, and the gents who use services such as Bond Street escorts, will have new exciting pleasures to look forward. Just like any other business, the escorts service in the UK needs to expand, and staying trendy will become even more important. After all, if an agency cannot keep up with the latest dating styles, they may soon find themselves going out of business. Dating escorts in this country is now more popular than ever.

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