Dry Blood – The Dresden Files: Fool Moon


Written by Amanda Pampuro 

At 19, when Jim Butcher was fed up with his creative writing instructor’s bad advice, he wrote his first novel and thus created Harry Dresden. This low fantasy story depicts a present day Chicago in which werewolves and wizards interact, unbeknownst to lay humans. And as Chicago’s only wizard-private eye, Harry Dresden often has his hands full. In transmedia fashion, the Dresden Saga was adapted for one season on Sci-Fi Channel, and the novel series turned into graphics novels.

The second hit of the series Fool Moon from Dynamite Comics follows Dresden as he gets caught up in a mess of werewolves and the FBI. The novel opens in a bar, where an old friend brings Dresden a list of symbols that he knows are trouble. By issue 7, Dresden is tied up in a room, and although I have no idea how he got there, I know the game well: escape. Gearing up for issue 8, the last installment of Fool Moon, Issue 7 sets the scene for a showdown at Marcone’s mansion, between Dresden and a pack of werewolves who have lost grip with their humanity.

Although I have no particular attachment to wolf-stories, I do enjoy a good mystery, but above all else, I was drawn in by the art. The rough, choppy artwork is cut up by shadows and blood stains. The hero’s face is anything but beautiful, and he has a tired, grizzly look—he looks as wolfish as the wolves. The pages are refreshing compared to the new wave CGI animation, and the pictures even have a wood-cut feel to them, like they were hand carved and stamped in dirt.

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