Do not be a slave by your husband- North London escort

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  • April 26, 2019

    I believe that if a person loves you she or he will do everything to make your life easier. Your happiness is more important than them. if you love a person you should never make their life hard. You have to help each other in order to have a good life together. One of the most awaited events on people’s lives is that marriage. A lot of us wanted to enter marriage in order to spend the rest of our lives with someone we love. This is also to certify that you and your partner are bound to be together for a lifetime, in the eyes of people and god, you are legally a couple. I feel so happy when my boyfriend proposes before. You know that every girls dream is to be able to hear that question coming from their partner. I never doubt it, i instantly said yes to marry him. That is one of the most wonderful nights of my life; it was a romantic dinner date. My family was in shock since we are still new as a couple and we have to learn from each other a lot. They don’t agree with me marrying him since it’s just months we know each other. That time I feel like I love him a lot and he love me very much too. That is when I realized that if i just hear my parents said to me I just could have not experienced this brutality. I am also thankful for being part of North London escort from as it helps me to move on from my past life. it was as dark as night i experienced before. Imagine me being locked in the house and sexually assaulted every day. I don’t feel like being a wife anymore but a slave. Being a North London escort also helps me to boost my confidence again and open up my experience to everyone in order to open their eyes that it’s not good to be stock in a relationship that makes your life a lot harder. My ex-husband turns into beast, the promise that we made together had been broken up. The one that is said to be in richer or for poorer. It was all a lie. He started to change when he was fired from his job, timely our daughter got sick and we have no money to get her into the hospital. Days from it our child died. Since then he started to change, he used to beat me every day of his life. I feel so damn scared over him. He spends our money from his vices. It’s been years I kept mum about it because I am ashamed of the decisions I made before. But now I stand for my right and it’s because of I know I am not happy. I love being a North London escort now that support me and my child from our day to day life.

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