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  • March 30, 2020
  • During my career with Archway escorts, I would not normally date senior gents. But when Alan came calling at my door, I knew that he was different. Some girls are lucky enough to bump into a rich guy very so often, and Alan turned out to be my rich guy. I know that it is a little bit naughty, but some of the other girls at Archway escorts had told me about their fantastic adventures with older guys and how they had financially benefited from any arrangements.

    I had already done well working for Archway escorts and managed to buy my own flat. It was a start, but I wanted to do better. The girls at the escort agency who had hooked up with richer older guys certainly seemed to have done a lot better, and I wanted a little bit of that myself. It did not take me very long to put a plan into action and make Alan fall in love with me. I just wanted a little bit of what he had got, and knew that he probably would not mind sharing at least some of his cash.

    As soon as Alan fell in love with me, he really started to splash the cash. I would not normally take a guy “off the books” at Archway escorts from and date him privately like some of the, other girls do on a regular basis, but Alan was indeed the exception. I simply told him that I was madly in love with him and he responded by taking me out to some amazing restaurants and shopping. Of course, I was being savvy and let him sort of decide what clothes that he bought me.

    I did not mind actually. Alan was one of the few guys that I had met at Archway escorts who had fantastic taste, and he bought me some really nice classical clothes that I enjoyed wearing. I soon started to look the part of a rich man’s girlfriend, and I loved the way people treated me. Before I knew, Alan was even buying jewelry and a couple of designer bags as he wanted me to look the best that I could in front of his friends. Naturally I did not tell Alan’s posh friends that I worked for Archway escorts.

    Alan and I spent a lot of time together, and after a couple of months, he asked me to marry him. I had no intention at all to leave Archway escorts and marry him, but I was more than happy to say yes to get a fantastic engagement ring. Around the same time, we got engaged, he had to go and see his brother in Australia for a month. I told him that I could not get away from the escort agency. When he came back, I had left the scene. My flat was rented out, and I had got a job for another escort agency within the Archway escorts group. How much had I netted? Well, I had made at least £60,000. Believe me, it did not take me long to sell all of that jewelry and turn into cash.


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