NOVEMBER 13, MILWAUKIE, OR­—In step with recent news regarding variant covers, Dark Horse unveils 52 original pieces of art for Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT. Fans can rest easy, as they won’t find themselves chasing down a slew of variant covers. On the other hand, comic shop owners who participated in Dark Horse’s incentive offering for orders on the first issue of the series have a special gift on the way.

Comic Book Resources has revealed all 52 stunning works of original art, which will be shipped to these lucky participating retailers this week.

Fans can gear up for MIND MGMT #0, on sale next week, which collects the three stories which originally ran digitally to introduce the series’ key players and delve deeper than ever into MIND MGMT’s secret history! This specially priced issue is the perfect initiation into Kindt’s electrifying tale of Mind Management’s psychic spies, its most infamous defector, and Meru, the journalist who stumbles upon their incredible secrets!

Praise for Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT:

“This book is something special. The story has so much potential and longevity that I see it going on for years. Add the fact that Kindt is writing the story’s history on the front and back cover and you’re getting a heck of a package. Do not miss out on this book! 5/5.”—Comic Bastards

“5 Stars! Matt Kindt’s MIND MGMT has got me for the long haul. If you are a fan of mysteries, if you are a fan of Kindt, if you are a fan of comics: pick this up!”—Comics Bulletin

“This series is gorgeous. The cover is evocative. Breathtaking. The interior doesn’t lag behind. It’s sneaky. At first glance, it seems amateurish but closer scrutiny reveals a master’s work. The story’s mystery is both subtle and wildly chaotic. The absolute worst part of the issue was that it ended right before major secrets were revealed. Outstanding.”—Technorati 

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