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Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim Reveals OFFICIAL The Force Awakens Trailer #2!!

newSTMark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Anthony Daniels, Peter Mayhew, John Boyega, Daisy Ridly, Oscar Issac, Kathleen Kennedy and J.J. Abrams all took the stage just this morning discussing the the production of Episode 7, The Force Awakens, casting, practical effects, and not only brought out the and officially introduced the WORKING BB-8 Droid as seen in the first teaser trailer, but also introduced an quad of new elite looking Stormtroopers!  Sadly, Harrison Ford was not available due to recent injuries, but he is doing well.

Behold…The OFFICIAL Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer #2

You can view the full panel that begin at 10:00AM PDT on 4/16/2015 in Anaheim at Star Wars Celebration here:

Sega’s 3D Classics Return This Summer With Sega Genesis Games For Nintendo 3DS!!

SegaLogo_transSAN FRANCISCO & LONDON April 14, 2015 SEGA® of America Inc. and SEGA® Europe, Ltd. today announced the addition of three more titles to the second batch of 3D re-masterings exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system. Featuring some of the most iconic games from SEGA’s Genesis™ console, The SEGA 3D Classics Series will let fans relive SEGA’s legendary console era and take them on a 3D ride through gaming’s golden age with 3D Streets of Rage 2™ in July, 3D Gunstar Heroes™ in August and 3D Sonic™ The Hedgehog 2 in September 2015. These games will follow the releases of 3D Fantasy Zone II (April 16, 2015) and 3D Thunder Blade™ (May 14, 2015).


IDW Games: New Expansion for Machi Koro Releases This Summer!

Latest Expansion Will Add New Cards and Mechanics!

San Diego, CA (April 14, 2015) – Get ready for more fast-paced, city-building fun! The latest expansion for Machi Koro, Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row, will be available in June! With almost 100,000 copies of Machi Koro and Machi Koro: Harbor Expansion already in circulation, the buzz keeps growing around one of the year’s biggest gaming hits! This new expansion adds more than 80 new cards and a new strategic mechanic that will have players completely re-thinking their construction plans.

We have been completely bowled over by the outpouring of love by gamers and their families for Machi Koro and theHarbor Expansion, said Molly Wardlaw, Managing Director of Pandasaurus Games. We love our Machi-fans and can’t wait to unleash Millionaire’s Row so they can grow the Machi-world even further with new, thrilling mechanics, eye-popping art and a dash of glam!

Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row contains 12 new establishment cards for Machi Koro. That brings the total number of market cards now available for play to more than 30, meaning gamers will never play the same game twice, and it gives the ability to fully customize their gaming experience by swapping establishments in and out of their marketplace in order to build the perfect Machi Koro game for any group. This new expansion also brings an interesting and infuriating Vacation mechanic into play that will foil even the best-laid plans. Machi Koro: Millionaire’s Row is truly re-shaping the whole town!

It’s About To Get Real™: Activision Unveils Guitar Hero® Live, Available Worldwide This Fall!


guitarheroliveSANTA MONICA – Apr. 14, 2015
- Guitar Hero, the pop culture phenomenon that exploded onto the scene and brought a new way to interact with music, is back, with true, breakthrough innovation that will re-ignite your dreams of becoming a rock star.Activision Publishing, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, Inc.(NASDAQ: ATVI) today announced Guitar Hero Live, introducing a brand new generation to Guitar Hero, which upon its release became the quickest console franchise in video game history to reach one billion dollars in sales in North America and Europe, and was played by over 40 million players. Developed by FreeStyleGames, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed DJ Hero and DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero Live introduces two powerful ways to play, including GH Live, a first-person point of view where you are up on stage as the star of the show. A quantum leap forward in immersion and realism, GH Live is a live-action experience that delivers the full emotional roller coaster of being on stage and performing in a real band, in front of real crowds, who dynamically react in real-time to how well or poorly you play. As the lead guitarist, you play an array of songs that span the changing musical landscape, in a variety of venues, from the smallest club stage in front of a hundred people, to the massive main stage of an outdoor festival in front of a hundred thousand people.

7239_0229_GHLive Stage1 Guitar Hero Live also introduces GHTV, the world’s first playable live music video network. GHTV is a 24-hour mode that lets fans play along to a continually-updated collection of official music videos – across a wide variety of genres – from the newest releases to favorite hits. Fans can pick from multiple channels and themed shows, discovering new songs as they play, and can also choose songs to play on-demand. In GHTV, fans can also play with their friends in the same room and against players from around the world to see who has the highest score on a given song, while completing challenges along the way. GHTV is a living, breathing platform that serves as an ever-growing source for new music discovery while further bringing the party atmosphere back to the living room.

The breakthrough innovations in Guitar Hero Live also extend to mobile. Both GH Live and GHTV arefully playable both on consoles as well as tablets and mobile phones. More exciting details will be announced in the near future.

Guitar Hero is a franchise that so many people love. Figuring out how to bring it back with true breakthrough innovation has been years in the making, and a labor of love, said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing, Inc. Guitar Hero Live lets people rock real crowds with real reactions. Our goal was literally to give people stage fright. And with GHTV, we have created the world’s first live, playable music video network. All of it is playable on consoles, or mobile devices. Guitar Hero is back and better than ever.

Rockstar Games: Watch the GTAV 60 Frames-Per-Second PC Trailer!

On April 14th, Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PC with a range of major visual and technical upgrades to make Los Santos and Blaine County more immersive than ever. Today, catch a glimpse of the PC version in action with the official Grand Theft Auto V 60 Frames-Per-Second Trailer.

“The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” Announces “Master Quest” New York Tour Date and More

Due to Popular Demand, Zelda Symphony Adds New U.S. Tour Dates in 2015

ZeldaREDMOND, Wash. – March 23, 2015The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses” concert series has announced new tour dates for the U.S. and Europe for the 2015 worldwide tour of “Master Quest.” Due to popular demand, a New York tour date has been announced at Barclays Center which will feature a special event at the Nintendo World store in New York City, as well as other cities in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions of the U.S. and additional locations in Europe.

Zelda2Featuring brand new music and visuals, including pieces from the recently remastered The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and the addition of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, the concert series will maintain the beloved experience fans have come to expect while remaining the ultimate Zelda experience currently available to fans. “Master Quest” has already embarked on its world tour with much acclaim in the U.S. and Japan, and is set to make its next stops across Canada and Europe. Based on one of the most popular and beloved video game series of all time, the tour features live orchestral performances of music from Nintendo’s classic The Legend of Zelda franchise. The newly announced dates include:

  • Durham, Durham Performing Arts Center; September 10
  • St. Louis, Powell Hall; September 11, September 12, September 13
  • Philadelphia, Mann Center; September 18
  • Providence, Providence Performing Arts Center; September 25
  • Chicago, Auditorium Theatre; October 1
  • Indianapolis, Old National Centre; October 2
  • Milwaukee, Milwaukee Theatre; October 3
  • New York, Barclays Center; October 13
  • Salt Lake City, Abravanel Hall; October 15
  • Hamburg, O2 World; November 8
  • Amsterdam, Heineken Music Hall; November 11
  • Brussels, Palais 12; November 12
  • Madrid, Palacio Vista Alegre; November 13
  • Barcelona, Auditori Forum; November 14
  • Rome, Auditorium Conciliazione; November 15
  • Zurich, Hallenstadion; November 21
  • Dublin, Convention Centre; November 22

Somewhere In Time: 8 New Assassin’s Creed Setting Proposals






TM/© Ubisoft

Written by Derek Sun

After Victorian England, Here Are Some
Proposals for New
Assassin’s Creed Game Locations:

After taking us through the Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean islands and the Paris during the French Revolution, the Assassin’s Creed franchise is visiting London during the Victorian era. The setting for countless books, movies, and games, Victorian England has always had a certain vibe to it that makes it catnip for storytellers. The intimidating architecture, twistingly dark alleys, and fascinating historical figures are always great fodder for writers to work with.

With all that said, the Victorian age is still a pretty safe choice for a new AC game. It’s not an entirely surprising selection, and there’s no shortage of works that have already featured Cockney chimney sweeps, pith helmet-wearing explorers, and bobbies eating fish & chips, and saying “guv’nor” a lot. The historical period and setting have made AC games memorable and unique, and if the series is to continue attracting fans and sales, it should try exploring new territory that other franchises haven’t focused on. Here are ideas on new locations and eras for future AC games to try out, and why they would be exciting to play in.

  1. Satsuma-samurai-during-boshin-war-periodJapan during the Meiji Restoration

Ever since Desmond got into the Animus for the first time, people have been promoting Japan as an ideal setting for an AC game. Most of the time, it’s medieval Japan, with its ninja, clan warfare, and samurai that gets brought up as a new virtual playground. However, we’re missing a golden opportunity by not having a game exploring the rise of Japan as a modern nation and the shedding of its shogun past. Even if everything you know about the Meiji Restoration comes from watching The Last Samurai and Rurouni Kenshin, you’ll know how crazy the late 19th century was for Japan. Westerners were arriving en masse, the Tokugawa shogunate was falling, and the country was modernizing, building its own empire, and changing faster than anyone can imagine. The game could have us play through the Boshin War and see the collapse of the samurai system as the Assassins struggle to survive the changes, but some more adventurous ideas include having us witnessing Japan’s invasions of its neighbors and expansion of its colonies, assassinating rival politicians, and navigating a mixture of traditional Japanese and Western architecture and weapons that makes for great scenery porn. Larger-than-life figures like Yukichi Fukuzawa, Heihachiro Togo, Ryoma Sakamoto, Hirobumi Ito, and Saigo Takamori would be awesome to meet, and all the wars, political intrigue, and reforms taking place would give us enough craziness for a whole season of Game of Thrones.


zeldaJanuary 16, 2015 – MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics has secured its place in video-game-art history with The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia™, which charted as the number-one best-selling book at Diamond Comic Distributors for 2014*!

In February 2013, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia soared to the top of the Nielsen BookScan charts, making it the number-one book in America. The book also reached number one on the Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestseller lists. Dark Horse announced a record print run, and the number continues to grow as The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia dominates orders in the UK, China, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

This handsome hardcover contains never-before-seen concept art, the full history of Hyrule, the official chronology of the games, and much more! Starting with an insightful introduction by the legendary producer and video-game designer of Donkey Kong™, Mario™, and The Legend of Zelda™, Shigeru Miyamoto, this book is crammed full of information about the storied history of Link™’s adventures from the creators themselves! As a bonus, The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia includes an exclusive comic by the foremost creative team of The Legend of Zelda manga—Akira Himekawa!

* Additionally, Dark Horse Comics’ The Sakai Project, which celebrates thirty years of Stan Sakai’s marvelous samurai-rabbit saga Usagi Yojimbo, charted as the sixth-best-selling book of 2014.


New Book Series to Detail World of Warcraft’s Mythology!


wow book seriesJanuary 8, 2015 — MILWAUKIE, OR – Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce a multi-volume series detailing the history of the Warcraft universe: World of Warcraft: Chronicle.

World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 is a journey through an age of myth and legend, a time long before the Horde and the Alliance came to be. This definitive tome of Warcraft history reveals untold stories about the birth of the cosmos, the rise of ancient empires, and the forces that shaped the world of Azeroth and its people.

Bungie: Destiny Tumbler Sparrow Announcement!

unnamedbungie_logoGuardians who purchase and redeem Destiny Expansion Pass or Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below by January 15, 2015 will receive the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow, enabling its riders to drive fast, take flight, and perform a set of mid-air tricks. 

See the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow in action:

Guardians who have already purchased or will purchase and redeem Destiny Expansion Pass will receive the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow from the in-game Postmaster at the time of redemption.

Guardians who have already purchased or will purchase and redeem Destiny Expansion I: The Dark Below will receive the EV-30 Tumbler Sparrow from the in-game Postmaster starting on December 9, 2014

Click below below for gallery: