sinTCameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo from Dark Horse Comics 

Review by Nate Derr

These days, it’s rare to find a comic as adventurous and satisfying as Sin Titulo. A fearless foray into the surreal and mysterious, Sin Titulo is a powerful exploration of memory and creation, and what it means to leave things behind.

The first thing you’ll notice about ST is the great visual style it has; with a style that’s at once realistic and stylized, the art forms a perfect harmony with the subject matter and gives the right balance between the everyday and the bizarre, and is easy on the eyes. The black and white line-work is simply beautiful, and the tan accents give the book a unique flavor. Cameron Stewart’s characters are believable, expressive, and fascinating.

The story follows Alex Mackay as he investigates events surrounding his recently deceased grandfather, and quickly finds himself entangled in a bizarre group with ties to his own dreams, all the while coming face to face with his own past. The story here is really gripping and dense, and full of plenty of surprises. Characters and lines of dialogue reappear in unexpected ways, and events tie together with a sort of dream logic that owes a lot to David Lynch. Throughout the story’s main events and “dream sequences” are interwoven various scenes from Alex’s memory that provide a fascinating counterpoint to the main story and give a great sense of ambiguity regarding Alex’s character.

If I would have one criticism of Sin Titulo it would be that the ending feels a bit weak. There’s such a great build-up to a really powerful moment, and with all the themes woven into the story I think Stewart had a lot of options, but what’s here feels to fall a bit flat, with some questionable moral implications as well.

Aside from the ending issue, Sin Titulo is really an outstanding book, and its Eisner award was well deserved. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

By:   Cameron Stewart
Type:   Graphic Novels
Genres:   HorrorCrime
Publisher:   Dark Horse
Pub. Date:   September 25, 2013
Availability:   Pre-Order
ISBN:   978-1-61655-248-0
For ages:   16+
Details:   Full color, 168 Pages; Hard cover, 9″ x 6 3/4″

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