ExecutiveAssistant-Assassins01CoverWritten by Ashley Farmer

As a relatively new reader of fiction in comic book format, I was not sure what to expect with the Executive Assistants: Assassins  story line. Being previously unfamiliar with Aspen Comics’ line-up and titles to me  prior to recently, for anyone else who may not have given Aspen a shot for whatever reason, I have really enjoyed reading their comics.

I was pleasantly surprised by the graphical detail and difficult topics that were presented in the first three issues of Executive Assistants: Assassins. The first comic touches on points of  abuse, physical and emotional, from the character’s standpoint. The second covers drug addiction. Generally speaking, the focus seems to be primarily violence and loyalty. These intense topics made the comics gripping and realistic.

 ExecutiveAssistant-Assassins02CoverOne of the things that makes this series so likable,  at least for me, is the strong female lead. It’s hard to find strong, powerful female characters outside of comic books. Most females are shown to be soft and romantic or lacking intelligence in today’s pop-culture, at least that’s the way it seems at times. It’s refreshing to see an increasing role for female leads that are powerful, driven, calculating and highly intelligent.

Also, the artwork itself is absolutely stunning in its detail. One of the frames in the second comic had a scene with a fogged mirror that was incredibly realistic and almost looked quite photographic. Pencilist Jordan Gunderson and colorist Teodoro Gonzalez, developed the artwork with amazing precision and technique.

ExecutiveAssistant-Assassins03CoverGritty dialogue and  imagery speak high volumes about the complex story lines. Without the images’ detail, the story would not have had the power that it had.

Aspen Comics has done a wonderful job with this comic. While the characters in the story are so different from me, I feel like I understand them and want to know them better. I am anxious to begin reading the next book in this series.

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