Anime Oasis- Voice Actor Combined Panel


Christopher Sabat, Michael Coleman, Lisle Wilkerson, Sonny Strait, and Team Four Star’s Curtis Arnott joined forces on Saturday Night for the Voice Actor Combined Panel. Faced with serious questions about their respective parts in video game and anime voice acting, the panel didn’t stay serious for long with this bunch together on a couch. Playing off each other’s wit, the crowd was hilariously entertained with voices from DBZ and Full Metal Alchemist, as well as their renditions of the best and strangest language dubs of DBZ. My favorite moment of the night came from Michael Coleman when the actors were asked how they felt about Bronies, “I’ve been voice acting for 10+yrs and seen some crazy stuff, but I don’t get Bronies.” Neither do I, Sir. Neither do I.

Listen to the whole panel here**

**big echoing room with some mic problems and a giggling crowd equal some recording issues. Love us for trying.


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