Daily Archives: February 6, 2012

A Day Made of Glass Part 2

Corning released their new follow up video to last year’s “A Day Made of Glass.” The technology explored is truly amazing, and I may never leave my car when this technology comes into my life. I’ll take this in lieu of my highly overdue flying car any day. Watch the video below and click here to read the back story on what Corning is doing and how they are going to make it a reality.


Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

I have to say that this year’s commercials did not hold up their end of the awesome Super Bowl commercial bargain. There were a few good ones, but overall it was a slightly disappointing turn out for 2012. Clint Eastwood depressed the hell out of me and Pepsi was slightly disappointing, though Flav-a-Flav added some flavor. I expected a really rad Avengers commercial and did not get it. Coca Cola bears are always sweet, and the fumbling play commercial was cute. NBC The Voice did a good job with this little play on Kill Bill and incorporating the Wilhelm scream. Love Betty White. Chevy Sonic used a little clip from OK Go’s new video. You can see it here, if you haven’t seen it yet. You really should watch it, it’s rad.

Here are a few that I thought were pretty good. You have to go through them all to find out which one is my favorite. Have a favorite of your own? Leave me a comment, so I can see which ones you loved the best.